Ensuring our clients are insured correctly

10th May, 2017

Do you know what you are covered for?

At Routen Chaplin, we are dedicated to looking after our clients. Using our extensive knowledge and rapport with clients, we are able to distinguish areas in which they may not be covered appropriately. This personal service means that in the unfortunate circumstance of needing to make a claim, the client can have the confidence that they have the right covers in place.

Following a review with a valuable commercial client, we suggested that we undertook a review of a Director’s Home Buildings and Contents Insurance, which was held by another prestigious insurer for many years.

After undertaking a thorough review and assessment of values against their existing policy, our findings showed that the client was grossly underinsured by over 200%, and certain valuable possessions and family heirlooms were not covered under their current policy at all. We delivered our findings to the client and were appointed as the client’s broker to safeguard their personal arrangements.

We continue to deal with this client, and in addition to their property insurance, we have since provided cover for their performance cars.