Specialist Vehicles

At Routen Chaplin, we are vehicle enthusiasts, sharing your passions. It is because of this that we have the required knowledge and experience to have developed unique and exclusive insurance schemes with car clubs, VSCC and Lotus. You will find these details below:

Breakdown Insurance
Breakdown insurance: Red triangle warning propped up near a person standing outside of their car.

Breakdown cover for our specialist vehicle clients.

Classic Vehicles
Classic vehicles: Close-up of the speedometer in a classic car.

Insurance that appreciates your passion.

Modified Vehicles
Modified vehicles: Close-up of a yellow car with a modified bumper.

Insurance designed with individuality in mind.

Motorhomes insurance: Side view of a motorhome travelling on the road.

Cover for all types of motorhomes.

Multi Vehicle Policies
Multi vehicle policies: Side view of a row of cars.

Insurance that makes owning more cars easier.

Transportation Vehicles
Transportation vehicles: A large truck driving on a road to deliver goods.

Insurance for all trailers, race transporters and horseboxes.

Vintage Sports Car Club
Vintage sports car club: A helmeted person driving a vintage sports car with the number 60 on it.

An exclusive scheme for members only.

Vintage Vehicles
Vintage vehicles: Close-up of a row of vintage car's wheels.

Covering cars and tractors made before 1950.

Customer Charter

Routen Chaplin has always placed customers’ interests at the heart of all we do and we continually strive to provide an exceptional level of service, based on the highest levels of trust, integrity and reliability.

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