Breakdown Insurance

Routen Chaplin offers a breakdown policy for our specialist vehicle clients.

Our policy operates in the UK and Europe. You can be covered for both roadside assistance and recovery. As many of our clients have numerous vehicles, it is designed to be flexible, allowing additional vehicles to be added to the policy at a vastly discounted cost. The policy also provides assistance with emergency overnight accommodation.

Whilst travelling in Europe, the policy will repatriate the vehicle should it not be possible to repair it locally. Alternative transport will also be provided to allow clients to continue their holiday. A free messaging service is also available to keep family and friends informed. If the insured car is towing a caravan or trailer, these would also be recovered if the insured vehicle cannot be repaired.


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Our Breakdown Insurance Packages include: 

A variety of products that protect you from all of the eventualities of owning a vehicle. 


Roadside assistance

Assisting stranded motorists when they experience a break down or a mechanical failure. Our product will ensure your vehicle is taken to safety.

Home Start

Bringing assistance to your doorstep should your vehicle fail to start at home due to a flat battery, a faulty alternator or otherwise.

European Cover

This product will ensure that your vehicle is recovered after a breakdown or mechanical failing, even when you are travelling around Europe.


A product designed to payout for draining and cleaning your fuel tank should you happen to fill your vehicle up with the wrong fuel.

Key Cover

For lost, stolen or damaged car, van or motorcycle keys, including replacement, re-programming immobilisers & alarms and locksmith charges.

Claims Information

Our team will assist you when you need it most. Helping you to process your claim as quickly and effectively as possible, furthering our aim to provide you with the best possible service.

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