Storm Doris damage claim

19th June, 2017

During Storm Doris in February 2017, a client of ours had his roof severely damaged. The client owns an outdoor market place which is used by stall holders to sell to the public. The roof was made of glass and the storm had caused some panels to smash completely, leaving shards of glass in the fitting and hairline cracks. The damage made it too dangerous to allow customers and stallholders into the premises. In addition to this, the storm also blew the Portacabin, that was used as offices, over on top of our client’s wife’s car!

We quickly contacted insurers and got the client’s repairs approved over the phone so he could proceed to get the premises (and the car) back up and running again as quickly as possible.

The claim was settled completely in less than 2 months. Furthermore, the client had not noticed that the initial payment from his insurers was slightly less than the invoices that were submitted until we rang him and advised that we had a further amount of £280 authorised as well.

The client was extremely happy with the outcome and the speed in which his claim was resolved.