Specialist vehicle insurance claim

9th June, 2017

We insure a very unique vehicle for a client: a 1967 Fiat 500 fitted with a 1300cc motorbike engine and some unusual modifications.

Unfortunately, some years later the car was forced into a ditch. Following inspection by our specialist claims department, taking advice from the respected Fiat specialist, and speaking with the client, it was agreed that the vehicle was beyond economic repair and would be written off.

The vehicle was not on an Agreed Value policy and it was clear that, as a minimum, all body panels would need replacing. The client, fearing the worst, was pleasantly surprised by the insurers settlement offer. After declaring an interest to buy back the salvage, he asked the repairers what they thought might be a fair price, and when the insurers only asked for about half of that figure, deeming this to be fairer, he readily agreed.

The client was delighted and has said “Routen Chaplin delivered an excellent service because they understood the classic and specialist nature of the car. They allowed me to take the car to a specialist garage of my choice for the repairs quotation. The insurance assessor was also knowledgeable in these areas, plus he was very helpful and pleasant."

With payment received, the client has the old car and has also bought a standard Fiat 500 with the intention to swap the mechanical components over. His wife, having fallen in love with the new 500, has other ideas!