Routen Chaplin launches Private Medical Insurance for personal and business clients

29th September, 2021

The NHS is facing unprecedented demand following the pandemic, with hospital waiting lists at an all-time high. At the end of July, a record 5.6 million people were waiting to start hospital treatment. Rather than face unacceptable delays, a survey of 4,000 adults commissioned by charity Engage Britain showed as many as one in five had gone private.  Spire Healthcare, which operates 39 hospitals across Britain has reported an 81% increase in self-pay spending.
With this scenario in mind, Routen Chaplin has launched a new Private Medical Insurance (PMI) service, providing access to eligible health treatment when it is required. PMI cover provides a wide range of services and treatments, from seeing a specialist for diagnosis to staying in a private ward or hospital. The new service is aimed at two distinct markets: personal and business (SMEs).
The PMI plan for personal clients is called Personal Health and provides tailored cover, with many options. A wide range of treatment is covered as standard, including cancer, and CT and MRI scans, along with unlimited access to an online GP service, AXA Doctor at Hand, providing video or phone consultation with a fully qualified GP whenever required. Cover can then be added to suit individual needs. As required, cover can include tests and scans through the online GP, access to specialist consultants, mental health support and physiotherapy.
For example, those requiring cover for diagnostics and specialist consultations would need to take out the out-patient option. Heart and cancer cover and care includes radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with access to a dedicated nurse helpline to discuss any concerns, ensuring you never have to cope on your own. To find out more about PMI for personal clients, please visit:, call 0115 973 7302 or email
Running an SME requires a fit, healthy workforce, with everyone playing their role and not taking unnecessary time off work. Routen Chaplin’s PMI policy for businesses takes care of business owners and employees at a time when it is required most, giving access to diagnosis, specialist consultants and treatments at a long list of hospitals, with follow-up care if required. It’s an attractive employee benefit, helping to attract and retain high calibre personnel and helping them get back on their feet if they become unwell.
It’s not a case of ‘one size fits all’, and all policies can be tailored to provide the cover required. For example, employees’ family members can be added so they enjoy healthcare at business rates, or senior staff can be specifically rewarded with a higher level of benefit. Whichever package is selected, standard cover includes access to an online GP service, with video and phone appointments, a fast-track appointment service, heart and cancer nurses phone support, a 24/7 support helping and an employee health and wellbeing portal. A wide range of options includes mental health support, private GP, physiotherapy, scans, diagnostic tests, outpatient consultations and extended cover to manage chronic conditions.  
An established healthcare insurer
As required, both personal and business policies provide many different options, depending on requirements and budget. Both ensure speedy diagnosis and access to treatment quickly, with a long list of private hospitals available. PMI provides a highly effective way of ensuring those covered receive treatment when it is needed and stay healthy. Provided by market-leading healthcare company, AXA Health, policies offer the reassurance of dealing with an established healthcare insurer that provides the highest levels of care and attention.
Routen Chaplin’s friendly staff are waiting to hear from you and can offer specialist advice on the level of cover that best suits your needs, ensuring private individuals, business owners and employees benefit from tailored medical cover that is available immediately.

To find out more about PMI for personal clients, please click here, call 0115 973 7302 or email

To find out more about PMI for businesses, please click here, call 0115 973 7303 or email
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