Short Term Impounded Insurance

GoShorty are one of the UK’s leading short-term car insurance providers. They help thousands of motorists across the UK each week to become insured on a car from just 1 hour to 28 days.

What’s the purpose of Impound Release Insurance?

Impound Release Insurance is temporary insurance that covers you when you need to release your car from the impound or compound.

To be able to release your car from the impound, you’ll need to prove that your vehicle is insured for at least 30 days. Their Impound Release Insurance provides you with third party only cover for the 30 days you need to release your vehicle and be on your way quickly and easily.

The longer you leave your vehicle in the impound, the more expensive it is likely to get. Get the cover you need and your insurance documents direct to your inbox in under 2 minutes with GoShorty’s Impound Release Insurance.

Key details of the cover provided are as follows:

  • 30 day fixed policy duration
  • Policy holders aged 21 – 70
  • Third Party Only cover
  • Insured driver only
  • No policy amendments allowed
  • No refund in the event of a cancellation
  • No foreign use allowed

The insured must be the registered owner of the vehicle, or if the vehicle is owned by a lease company they must be the registered keeper and must be able to provide evidence to the impound that they hold a lease in their name for the vehicle



Q: How do I get a quote for Impound Release Insurance?

To get a quote, simply use your unique URL link at the top of this page where the quote can be issued online.

Q: Can I insure multiple vehicles under the same policy?

No, each vehicle requires its own separate Impound Release Insurance policy.

Q. What type of coverage does Impound Release Insurance provide?

Impound Release Insurance provides third-party only cover for the insured driver only. This means it covers damage to third-party vehicles or property, but not damage to your own vehicle.