Short Term Learner Driver Insurance

GoShorty stand as a frontrunner in the realm of short-term learner driver insurance in the UK. Each week, they assist countless learner drivers throughout the country in securing flexible insurance options for vehicles, ranging from a mere day to a comprehensive 24 weeks.

What Exactly is Temporary Learner Driver Vehicle Insurance?

Temporary Learner Driver Insurance serves as the go-to solution for provisional drivers aiming to clock in more hours of driving practice and limit the hefty expenses associated with driving lessons. With this option, all you need is access to a vehicle and a trusted friend or family member willing to accompany you.

Why use GoShorty

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Policies offer full coverage, ensuring peace of mind on the road.
  • Tailored for Young Drivers: Learner driver insurance caters to individuals aged 17 to 25, understanding the unique needs of young drivers.
  • Flexible Duration: From as little as a single day to a comprehensive 24 weeks, GoShorty insurance plans provide unmatched flexibility.
  • Minimal Excess: Enjoy the benefit of low excess charges, easing any financial burdens in case of an incident.
  • Wide Range of Coverage: Whether your vehicle is valued at £1 or £50,000, they've got you covered (with some exceptions).
  • Seamless Online Experience: Their user-friendly online quote facility ensures swift access to short-term cover within minutes.
  • Preserve No Claims Discount: They prioritise protecting the car owner’s No Claims Discount, safeguarding your insurance history.

GoShorty Empowers Your Learner Motorists to:

  • Enhance Driving Skills: Gain invaluable experience behind the wheel outside of formal lessons
  • Test Center Convenience: Drive back home from the test centre hassle-free
  • Flexible Vehicle Options: Cover in your own vehicle or when learning in someone else's car


With GoShorty by your side, embark on your journey to becoming a confident and skilled driver with ease and confidence.



Q: Who can purchase short-term learner driver insurance?

Typically, short-term learner driver insurance is available for individuals who hold a valid provisional license and need coverage for a short duration to practice their driving with another legal driver.

Q: Do I need short-term learner driver insurance if I'm practicing in a driving school's car?

In most cases, driving schools provide insurance coverage for their vehicles during lessons. However, if you're practicing in a family member's or friend's car, you may need additional short-term learner driver insurance.

Q. Do I need to own the car to get short-term learner driver insurance?

No, you don't necessarily need to own the car to get short-term learner driver insurance. You can get coverage to practice driving in a car owned by someone else, such as a family member or friend, as long as you have their permission and they qualify legally.