Warehouse Security Tips

8th March, 2018

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire house many local warehouses, and as a Warehouse Insurance provider, it is important to ensure we take steps to improve the security of our warehouses. This can be a challenge due to their size and storing valuable stock that is appealing to burglars.

Below are some tips to ensure security measures are in place to reduce the risk of burglaries and theft from employees and third-parties.

Carefully select employees

  • Put screening procedures in place. For each new member of staff run a criminal background check and ask for references and employment history
  • Ask all members of staff to wear a uniform and name badges to be able to clearly distinguish them
  • Set boundaries and rules – no unauthorised persons are allowed without signing in
  • Implement a two-working system, especially in high volume or discreet areas.

Use multiple forms of surveillance

  • Place security cameras and alarms at all entrance points
  • Install motion sensor lights outside the property
  • Introduce pass keys or electronic tags for employees
  • Employ a night time security guard if your stock is of high value.

Secure loading docks and entry points

  • Gate off your premises from members of the public
  • Limit entries to members of staff – use one main entrance door
  • Separate receiving and shipping docks
  • Do not allow employee personal vehicles near docking areas
  • Ensure all entrances are securely locked at night time and comply to latest security regulations.

Remember data security

Many warehouses use online and electronic systems to distribute stock and keep track of inventories. All systems should be password protected and the number of staff that have access to them should be limited. Ensuring all computer and online data systems are protected from a breach of data is also important.

It is essential to have certain practices in place to ensure maximum security in your warehouse, protecting your property and stock. It is also important to have a comprehensive Warehouse Insurance policy in place should you be subject to theft.

At Routen Chaplin, we provide a robust risk assessment before implementing Warehouse Insurance cover to ensure we protect your business from all of the insurable risks that apply to your business. Contact a member of the team today to discuss your current Warehouse Insurance policy.

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