Why our long-term relationships with insurers add so much value for our clients

25th July, 2019

At Routen Chaplin, we stay on our clients’ journeys, helping them to mitigate future risks and offering support and guidance for when the unexpected occurs. By building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and chosen insurance partners, we are well-positioned to understand and explain any changes in circumstances or insurance requirements. For one of our clients, this process recently saved him and his family from a number of additional costs.

Our client was enjoying a skiing holiday abroad with his family when he found himself in the precarious position of requiring unexpected additional cover. Our client had driven his family to their holiday, but a ski accident left him with a badly broken ankle and he would be unable to complete the journey home as intended.

His son rang us from the ambulance, notifying us immediately and asking if it would be possible for him to be added to his father’s VSCC multi-vehicle policy to avoid the additional costs and inconvenience of having to organise unplanned flights and transfers.

Our specialist vehicle team phoned the insurer immediately, explaining the situation and the position that our client was now in. We have solid relationships with our insurers and clients that are built on trust, responsiveness and flexibility; despite previously declining to add the son to the policy prior to the incident, the insurer agreed to provide the additional cover with immediate effect. This additional support and cover was unplanned but became a necessity within seconds, and we were able to efficiently secure this for our client.

After spending over a week in hospital, our client had recovered enough to return home and the son was able to drive the family back to England. Our client was delighted with how quickly and efficiently his query was handled, which saved him from additional hassle and costs.

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